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What’s Your Summer Story?

Redeemed Heating and Cooling
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It’s said that everyone has a summer story to tell. What’s your most memorable summer story? Maybe it’s that trip to Europe you took with your family. Or that cruise you went on. Or maybe it’s the story of the summer you found your soulmate.

Missouri summers are sunny and bright, but they are extremely hot too. And sometimes people have not-so-memorable summer stories to tell because of the heat. Imagine you have planned a Fourth of July holiday get together with your family and friends at your house. And your AC breaks down on the day your guests are arriving. You then call every HVAC company in your county for an emergency repair, but all to vain. You understand that every American deserves to celebrate the holiday with their friends and family, but you really really really need someone to come fix your unit.

There are countless possibilities for emergencies like these in life. And it is so much better to be prepared than to be sorry. We, at Redeemed Heating and Cooling, can’t help you prepare for every possible emergency. But when it comes to AC repair and service in Nixa, MO, we surely can.

Follow these simple steps to prevent your AC from breaking down:

1. Don’t set your thermostat too low!
This won’t cool your house faster or better, but will only overwork your AC equipment. Constant overwork will eventually break your AC. Be patient and let the AC do its work. Your house will cool down in due time.

2. Change filters regularly!
Changing filters is the name of the game when it comes to taking care of your AC. Good and fresh filters will supply appropriate quantity and quality of air to your AC unit. That not only leads to better quality of output air, but also to the longevity of your equipment. Don’t save a few bucks by buying the cheapest filters, that will prove to be costly. Look for pleated synthetic filters

3. Clean the outside unit every spring!
The outside unit takes a good beating from the weather, dust and other particles floating in the air, insects etc. Every spring, before you starting using you AC, clean the outside unit with a garden hose for a better airflow to the equipment. Make sure you turn off the unit before hosing it down.
Last but not the least, have an HVAC expert come and check out your AC system every once in awhile.

Redeemed Heating and Cooling, a family owned and run company, has been providing excellent AC repair and service in Nixa, MO since 1994. Our clients are as happy with service provided today by the second generation of the family, as they were with the founders. Give us a call today at 417-241-5687 to schedule an appointment or for a free estimate.