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Redeemed Heating, Cooling, Duct Cleaning & Appliance Repair offers the broadest array of tankless water heating systems in the greater Nixa, MO area.

State condensing tankless water heaters are compact heating units that provide hot water as it is needed, and do not store hot water like traditional tank-type water heaters.

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When a hot water tap is turned on, water enters the tankless water heater. A sensor detects the water flow, and activates a gas heating device, which quickly raises the water temperature to a preset level. When water flow stops, the heating device shuts off. Thermostatically-controlled tankless water heaters vary their output temperature according to water flow rate and inlet water temperature.

Unlike traditional storage tank water heaters, tankless water heaters do not store a reservoir of hot water. As a result, standby losses are reduced, which makes them an energy-efficient alternative to traditional water heating.

Because tankless heaters do not store water, they are less subject to corrosion than tank-type heaters. As a result, their expected equipment life is longer - possibly more than 20 years, compared with 10 - 15 years for traditional heaters. Also, because they are not heating 40 - 50 gallons of water 24 hours a day, tankless water heaters are less susceptible to leakage than tank-type water heaters.

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