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Signs That It’s Time- When Has Your AC Had Enough?

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AC units can be costly to install, but an old or dying unit can be even more expensive to maintain. AC installation and replacement in Nixa, MO may be your best option to save money in the long run if you are facing any of these five warning signs.

Expensive repairs

If you’re facing an expensive repair job on your current AC unit. You shouldn’t sign the bill without considering your options. After all, an new AC installation and replacement in Nixa, MO might be more cost effective.

An old model in need of a big repair job is not likely to run very efficiently and may need continued maintenance and repair in the years to come. Though fixing may be cheaper this year, it might run you a lot more than a replacement when you look at the bigger picture.

Frequent failure

If it seems like your AC unit is constantly on the fritz and every time you have it repaired, something else goes wrong, you might consider letting it go. After all, it’s not likely to get any cheaper or any better. Like they say, it’s not getting any younger. Chances are you will continue to face frequent problems and costly repairs. It might be better to just replace the old thing.

Expensive utility bills

If your AC unit is old, it was probably pretty inefficient to begin with. Top that off with years of wear and tear and it’s likely that you’re wasting a lot of money every month on your utility bills. If you add all that money up over the course of a year, you could be well on your way to paying off a new AC unit with just the money being wasted by the old one.

New AC units are all made with a SEER rating of 13 or better. If yours is rated at lower than 13, you could be saving some serious money by investing in a newer, more efficient model.

More than 10 years old

If your AC unit is more than 10 years old, it is certain to not only be manufactured to lower efficiency standards, but it has also been running for so long that it is certain to be wasting your money. Even if it hasn’t started to fail frequently and require expensive repairs yet, it likely soon will. Old AC units really can’t compare to the efficiency and quality of even the cheapest of newer models. You’ll notice the difference right away. Both on your bill and in your home.

Still using Freon?

Freon is actually on it’s way out. The federal government is slowly phasing it out of use in residential AC systems nationwide in order to save energy. With this, the price of Freon is rising sharply. If your AC unit is still running on Freon, you’re wasting more and more money each year on it. Switching to a newer model won’t only save you money on Freon, it will also be more efficient.

So go check out your AC unit right now or call us and we’ll do it for you. If any of these five signs apply to you, it’s time to consider AC installation and replacement in Nixa, MO. Call Redeemed Heating and Cooling today at (417)241-5687. We’ve been in the business since 1994 and will get you on the right track to saving money and living comfortably this summer.