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Should a Two-Level Home Have Multiple AC Units?

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Nixa residents who live in two level homes can attest to the fact that maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the house in the summer is not easy. Maintaining a comfortable temperature range in two level homes is particularly problematic when using a central heating and cooling system. According to the leading AC installation, maintenance and repair experts in the industry, such as the ones we have at Redeemed Heating and Cooling, installing two separate air conditioners in such homes is more efficient. However, installing several heating and cooling systems in two level homes is not always the best choice. If you are looking forward to having an AC installation and replacement in Nixa, MO area, the following tips will help you decide on whether to install one or several heating and cooling systems in a two-level home.

Balance Cooling Needs in Your Home

When deciding on whether to install a single AC or two separate air conditioners in your two level home, your decision will mainly be influenced by the design of the home, its age and the cost of installation equipment. In comparatively older homes, it is normally challenging to maintain the same temperature range throughout the entire home. The main problem, in such a case, is that the second floor is usually warmer than the first. This being the case, using a single, central heating and cooling system to cool a home will be very challenging. Therefore, investing in a separate AC for each floor will make it easier to maintain the temperature throughout the older two level homes.

Aim at Improved Efficiency

Using a central heating and cooling system that does not have a zoning feature to cool a two level home will affect the consumption of the air conditioner. Without a climate-zoning feature, the system will run harder in order to cool all the levels simultaneously. This will cause the air conditioner to consume more energy than it should. If you cannot afford to buy a separate AC for each floor, you should consider investing in a central cooling system that has a zoning feature. This way, you will be cooling the various parts of the home independently. When shopping for AC installation and replacement Nixa, MO equipment, you should consult with the experts. Hiring a skilled and experienced contractor for the project will help you make the right decisions, with regards to air conditioning equipment for two level homes.

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Consider the Costs

Although air conditioning installation and replacement projects are comparatively expensive, you must be looking for a way to save on the installation. While this is the case, you should refrain from buying cheap equipment and or hiring cheap labor. The cheap AC installation equipment is often of poor quality and may not serve your purpose. In the case of a two level home, you can buy one unit that is large enough to cool the two floors and integrate a climate zoning feature. Alternatively, you may buy two, comparatively smaller air conditioners for the installation or replacement project. In this case, one air conditioner will be used for each floor in your home.
AC installation and replacement in Nixa, MO area is a costly undertaking. Having invested so much money in your installed equipment, you do not expect anything to go wrong with the installation. For some of the best air conditioning installation or replacement services in the region, call us today at 1-417-241-5687.