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Myth Busting – Air Conditioning Relieves Summer Allergens Not Make Them Worse

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Summer can often be a nightmare for some people who have allergies. Sufferers can develop itchy eyes, runny nose, a cough, sneezing and in some cases asthmatic symptoms such as breathing difficulties and a tightness of the chest can appear. But a well-functioning AC system maintained with a good AC repair and service in Nixa MO really can help eliminate some of these symptoms.

Summer allergens can start as early as late March and last until September. The most common cause is pollen, which is a fine powder that comes from plants. It’s invisible to the human eye and when the powder comes into contact with the eyes or is breathed in through the mouth or nose, it causes a reaction in those allergic to it and symptoms, as described above, will manifest.

Why Air Conditioning Can Help

Air conditioning units have special filters inside them that capture tiny particles such as pollen. The air is recycled back through the AC and is then released into the room when the unit is turned on. However, the allergen particles are not released. They stay trapped in the filters.

The common belief people have that AC systems are bad for hay fever sufferers is probably due to the fact they are breathing in air from a unit that does not have clean or maintained filters. In order for the particles to get trapped and stay trapped in the filters, you need to ensure the AC unit is regularly looked after by a professional company offering an AC repair and service in Nixa MO.

Looking After Your Air Conditioning Unit

It’s important for everyone to look after their AC, but it’s even more important for people that have allergies. If the only escape you get from your symptoms is inside the house (Outside putting sufferers in direct contact with pollen) then you should ensure you are looking after your air conditioning.

Having an annual service, carried out by a reputable technician, means that the filters will be checked, cleaned and if necessary, replaced. Old or damaged filters will not only work improperly but can also cause other damage to the system.

Getting a professional company offering an AC repair and service in Nixa MO really will ease your symptoms while you are inside the house and keep your AC functioning properly.

If you don’t have air conditioning in your property and you suffer from summer allergies you might want to consider the health benefits. Allergies and asthma can make people’s lives miserable so if you are a sufferer without AC in the home, or you are a sufferer and have an existing system, call 417-241-5687 today, or visit our Contact Us page. so you stay as comfortable as possible during the coming months.