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Making a safe and happy home for children under 3

When you have little ones wandering the house, make sure your home satisfies their curiosity while you keep them safe. This short guide from Redeemed Heating and Cooling will help you keep your little one cozy and safe while giving them plenty of ways to explore and learn as they move through your home. See if there’s anything else you could be doing to protect and cherish your young child. Our specialty is reasonably priced and high quality AC repair and service in Nixa, MO. We know you’re invested in taking care of your little one, and that starts at home. Set up safe play zones. Whether you fence in an area or put your child in a playpen, having a safe play zone keeps him or her away from trouble. Make sure the play area offers plenty of stimulation for your little one, especially if you plan to leave them there while cooking or tending to household chores nearby. While it’s not necessary to monitor every second, it’s a good idea to be in earshot and have a close line of sight when you’re working around the house while the little one does some independent play. Keep your little one out of harm’s way. Electricity and pinched fingers are your enemies. Use safety covers on all power outlets around the house that aren’t in use. Install cupboard closers if your child likes to explore the contents of cabinets. Without a careful eye, it’s too easy for a child to bump into something under the counter or slam a finger. Be ready for the unexpected. Have your medicine cabinet...
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