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Five ways to lighten up your home for spring

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Looking forward to the springtime weather and more time outdoors with your family? Let Redeemed Heating and Cooling help you with some fun ideas to brighten and refresh your home for a pleasant spring with your family. These are all small projects and tips that will help you feel like spring is on the way not only in terms of weather but in the cozy and bright feel of your home.

  1. Create the look of a springtime floral entrance to your home. Spend some time with your spouse and kids to do a fun outdoor “refresher” project. Go to your local gardening supply shop to pick some bright spring flowers and gardening gloves for you and your team of helpers. Child-sized gloves are readily available. Plant flowers in the morning or late evening to avoid the sun’s most harmful rays. Create a pattern of flowers that draws you in towards the front door. Alternating rows of the same color or bursts of several plants on each side of your walkway will invite guests to experience a spring welcome at your doorstep.
  2. Renew the entry to your home by swapping out tired mats for new ones. Pick a heavy duty rubber or natural fiber mat for the front door to replace a faded and weathered older one. Chose a fun cotton rug or mat that can be thrown in the washing machine to clean off any tracked mud from springtime rain. These along with a floral entrance will add curb appeal to your home and make you and your family more excited to come inside after a day of activity.
  3. Get your AC ready for the season. Since you’ve been relying on your furnace to heat the home, it’s important to make sure your air conditioner is ready to perform when you start needing it for the hotter days to come. We recommend at least an annual AC repair and service in Nixa, MO to make sure it’s ready. Twice a year seasonal maintenance is optimal. Also, remember to change your air filters each month to help cut down on allergy issues from spring pollen, excessive dust floating around, and accumulated pet dander in the air while you’re indoors.

    Redeemed Heating and Cooling

  4. Do a refresh on bedroom sheets, linens, curtains, and comforters. If you use heavier comforters, thick fabrics, and extra blankets in the winter, it’s time to launder them and fold them away into your linen closet for next year. Put lavender sachets or cedar wood balls with any wools to help protect them from moths.
  5. Clean windows around the home to let in additional light and reduce dust and dirt on the glass.

Getting ready for spring will make your home bright and full of liveliness for your family to enjoy. If you need help on the heating and cooling side of preparations for AC repair and service in Nixa, MO, call Redeemed Heating and Cooling today at 417-241-5687.