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AC Installation and Replacement in Nixa MO

The summer season can certainly make its presence felt in Missouri. The mercury can reach the 90s during the hottest months. Fortunately, we can always depend on air conditioners to save us from the heat and keep us comfortable. The cooling systems today offer vast improvements over the models which came out a few decades ago. They are now much more efficient and feature-packed. If you need AC installation and replacement in Nixa MO, be sure to call Redeemed Heating & Cooling.


We can help homeowners set up a cooling system for the first time. Whether it’s for a mini-split AC or central air, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done. We will survey the home to measure the dimensions and take note of the layout. This will help us to find a suitable match to the requirements of the space. By ensuring proper sizing, homeowners can avoid excessive costs while getting adequate cooling.


Existing systems may also be replaced in favor of better models. Air conditioners are known to remain in good working condition for 15 to 20 years. However, their efficiency can drop significantly and cause monthly bills to soar. The cost of keeping them running may become too high. A new unit with a high efficiency rating will make energy bills go down. The savings will eventually cover the initial cost of their purchase and installation.

Redeemed Heating & Cooling

Redeemed was established in 1994 and remains a family-owned company. We have grown throughout the years, expanding our service areas from Nixa to Lebanon and Branson. We are dedicated to excellence in both products and services. Customers can count on us to get the latest innovations available on the market. We also keep a great team of technicians who deliver outstanding service at affordable rates.