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3 of the Most Common AC repair Problems

Although the weather in Nixa is currently cool, the summer is fast approaching. As such, you should ensure that your air conditioner is in a proper working condition before then. You should have a professional AC repair services in Nixa, MO provider inspect, maintain and repair the system to ensure that it is ready for the warm months. A functional AC will maintain a comfortable temperature in your home in summer as well as maintain the right humidity level in your home. At Redeemed Heating and Cooling, we have been offering reliable, quality and lasting AC installation repair and maintenance services to our clients in the Nixa area and its environs since 1994. Being one of the most experienced HVAC contractors in the region, we know how inconveniencing and costly it can be to have your AC system repaired in the midst of the summer. For the period we have been in this business, the following are some of the commonest AC problems we have come across: Electrical Malfunctions Some of the commonest AC malfunctions are caused by an electrical problem. For instance, a faulty capacitor can cause your AC system to malfunction. If the capacitor in your unit is showing signs of wear, too much voltage is probably the problem with your unit. Broken capacitors need to be replaced by a professional in order to restore the AC system back to its former working condition. Another electrical problem that is rather common in air conditions is circuit breakers. If turning your air conditioner on caused the circuit breaker to trip, the unit is drawing in too much power....
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